French Music

Impossible is dangerous,
And a challenge to the soul.
Your brain nods to your mind, which will
Break it to your heart
That she must tell your soul
That it simply cannot be.
It shouldn’t have been let down there,
And now she won’t let go.
You give an inch, she takes a mile,
And should you retrieve it,
She’ll dissolve.

And the soul knows it well,
But teases tickle the tough, and alight
their Trojan spirits.
They charge into a flanked wall of
Impossible dreams,
Blanketed in barbs, still as stone.
Shattered and sprayed
Into tiny pieces of church glass,
They catch the light,
For the most beautiful pain.

One would never learn,
But it gets one out of bed.
Listen to french music,
Sip on coffee, bake some bread.
Impossible is dangerous,
And it’s not for risky fools
but I’d rather be in danger
Than chain dear Soul to rules.
Sweet Soul can nod up to my heart
Which can break it to my mind
That she must tell my brain
To allow Soul to be blind.

Published by R.T

Brit born and Canada bound, I run On Tuesdays, my poetry blog where I write weekly(ish) poems.

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