I want more friends.
But I don’t want people.
People are tricky
and trickless am I
or at least
my bag isn’t as big as theirs.

I feel I should have
more friends
to say hello to.
To say hello back.
But I can only
care about so many
hellos and
I fear I’ll reach my limit.

I don’t want their
small talks and
their large lives
with their leashed up
husbands and
their caged up
I want frank
frank nights
with frankly
weak, pathetic
fights over
who paid

I want to
smack talk men
and call them prats
and dirty looks
like we sound like cats
of witches cackling
over a can or
but I’ll never
get that
if I don’t
say hello.

If I say hello,
then so will they and
I’m no good with after
(unless I’m paid)
I’ll overshare and
undersell and
come off like
stuck up
Like always.
I think it’s best
if I use this
time to
be with myself
in case I
can’t later on.

Published by R.T

Brit born and Canada bound, I run On Tuesdays, my poetry blog where I write weekly(ish) poems.

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