Stop trying to claim me.I am not yours to own,to covet andshow off to a worldthat doesn’t even carethat you want me foryour vanity. I am not an extensionof your ill trimmed treenor a leaf on yourunstable branch.My face, my hairmy blood and my skinI grew on my own. My beauty is mine,my conscience isContinue reading “Trees”

French Music

Impossible is dangerous,And a challenge to the soul.Your brain nods to your mind, which willBreak it to your heartThat she must tell your soulThat it simply cannot be.It shouldn’t have been let down there,And now she won’t let go.You give an inch, she takes a mile,And should you retrieve it,She’ll dissolve. And the soul knowsContinue reading “French Music”

Pizza in the Bath

With petals sculpted from stone,Covered in moss,And a pollen (dustings of the fewkindnesses She’s been granted),She lives. She blooms still. She’s no one’s flower.Planted among ash,She spins it to gold;when I’m weary Shelends me rain. Tolerates, but never suffers.For any fool should beso lucky that She givesthem a moment andtrades it for peace. I oweContinue reading “Pizza in the Bath”


Spin me a new world,a fresh plainfrom golden threadthat weaves throughspindled fingersunder a firm browand a loving heart. Mould me a new day,in a new timefrom deepest clayencouragedwith gentle palmscoated in pearly dropsbetween the wisest oak. Weave me a new soul,a fresh heartfrom ancient tapestriesof red, gold and green.With the wisest eyesand thimbled tips.Sew theContinue reading “Tapestries”

A Favour

I’m so glad that you like me, it really means a lot that you care enough about my existence to talk to me and give me your moments. I am incredibly flattered thatmy spirit residesin some part of your memory oftenenough to consider me‘Close’. Now, favours are not somethingthat I often distributenor do I collect,butContinue reading “A Favour”


You seem to be labouring Under the misapprehension  That my list of concerns Includes your opinion. You seem to have possession Of a rather false narrative That places my being Within your dominion. Would you prefer my Dress if that one wasn’t as short Or that one low, Or that one tight? Would I beContinue reading “Vanity”

Little Hills

Somewhere here my roots are buried,I came to find them.I’ve been told that roots run deepAnd wind their way throughoutThe earth. They entwine andDisrupt foundations. They jut out of pavements, and when you walk They make you trip.What was once fun to run over at speed on a bikeAnd bumpBumpBumpWith a daredevils grinIs now an uneasy offsetContinue reading “Little Hills”

Dragon Chase

The words were there,So present, so loudThat even at a whisperOr chuckleThey fly like roman candles. The words made verse,Verse that I’ve known.Read, mulled over, read again and recitedBut my own head and my own tenorHad nothing on this.My wildest imagination andMy most insane creation could not have prepared meFor these words. Like this. TheseContinue reading “Dragon Chase”