Little Hills

Somewhere here my roots are buried,I came to find them.I’ve been told that roots run deepAnd wind their way throughoutThe earth. They entwine andDisrupt foundations. They jut out of pavements, and when you walk They make you trip.What was once fun to run over at speed on a bikeAnd bumpBumpBumpWith a daredevils grinIs now an uneasy offsetContinue reading “Little Hills”

Dragon Chase

The words were there,So present, so loudThat even at a whisperOr chuckleThey fly like roman candles. The words made verse,Verse that I’ve known.Read, mulled over, read again and recitedBut my own head and my own tenorHad nothing on this.My wildest imagination andMy most insane creation could not have prepared meFor these words. Like this. TheseContinue reading “Dragon Chase”

Blankets and Cowboys

The clouds are different here.They lay low,Blanket the land in woolen softness like a bedThat makes itself. They invite a lie downA cup of teaA rest.A quick little, harmless moment of peaceBefore you sink to life below. They’re not grandLike back west where others of their kindClimb mountains and challenge them their height.Then make theirContinue reading “Blankets and Cowboys”

The Rest is Nothing

It’s the art of moving onI suppose.An art it truly is,Equal parts calculation, meditationAnd luckWrapped up in a dance on the edge of Beachy Head. When I leap, do I leap too high? Too far?Not enough. Am I moving in its rhythm or simply performing in a chorus that Everyone wants to hear.There are many who wouldContinue reading “The Rest is Nothing”