Home Less

Not home,it’s not home.My home doesn’t exist buteven whatlittle part doesis not thepart I am in.This is not it,the arena is notmine nor is thisarmour.Currentlyas it is,I’m less a homeand owed oneI think butnot sure from whom.This sceneis seenfrom adream thatI refuse to stophaving.I’ve never feltmore athomethen lookingthrough thatscreen. My own doors arekeylessand keys arelessContinue reading “Home Less”


I want more friends.But I don’t want people.People are trickyand trickless am Ior at leastmy bag isn’t as big as theirs. I feel I should havemore friendsto say hello to.To say hello back.But I can onlycare about so manyhellos andI fear I’ll reach my limit. I don’t want theirsmall talks andtheir large liveswith their leashedContinue reading “Hello”

Phantom Pains

That used to be me down there.Loud friends, loud stumbles,loud lives, loud problemsbut a soft understandingit’s fine.And we were fine.Fine expires, you know.This and thatand the friends moveon andontop of life isno longer your normal,normalizing problems isyour new crusade, notcrusading for the sake of it. I suppose it’s a usualthing to be stood here,looking down,Continue reading “Phantom Pains”

Butter and Coffee

I’ve known sorrowand pain.Regretand misfortune frequentmy alreadydarkened doorway.I’ve lost my way andeventually stumbledhalf conscious onto a new path.In my short(ish) timeon this planeI’ve amassed acolourful collection ofgrievances but noneas steadfast in theirmorose agony asthis fucking hangover. No simple templeachenor shaky stomachbut an arranged marriage ofdespondent medication anda body that gave this life uplong before mybrainContinue reading “Butter and Coffee”

Cheap Cheese

Why would I?You keep asking likeit’s some sort of possibilitylike this is,was,and will bea good ideawhile it never used to be andwhile I don’t regret thatday,that time,that breath,I do regretwhatever I did that left you with theimpression that this could besomething other thanwhat it was,and hasn’t beenfor years. You could be looking at meright nowContinue reading “Cheap Cheese”

Business Minded

Who makes the callon my calling in this lifeworth living only ifI can do thisone thing.Who ultimately boils downthe milk to my dayand churns the subjective tothat of objectand matters of factthat we will never be privy tobut you,you might be.If your name is loud enoughand its meaning adoredenough then you might be ableto tellContinue reading “Business Minded”

Bending Bone

Who would have lied first?Would you have put meout of my misery orwould I have givenyou yours?Playwrightsmy rightsas a person ofyour interestbut they nevergranted me anaside.Your tone was alwaysfor your own earsand never for minebut this I knewwith that firstnight.Why didI give toyouthe fragile little piecesthat were too smallfor your hands,hands of mendingof bending boneandContinue reading “Bending Bone”

Better Man

They all sound the samethese blokes.Blokey blokes.Middle agedmiddle spokenmiddle mused.Won’t bother with excitementbecause they’rejust so laid back.Better than their homeland.Superior to their countrymen.‘Concrete jungle’ is thebiggest ‘fuck you’to ever run from theirthin, fireless lips.Good luck,better man.Your shoulders must hurtunder the weight ofcarrying aroundthe impression thatthe world owes youSomething. Everything.Good luck, better manand godspeedto your motorbike.


Stop trying to claim me.I am not yours to own,to covet andshow off to a worldthat doesn’t even carethat you want me foryour vanity. I am not an extensionof your ill trimmed treenor a leaf on yourunstable branch.My face, my hairmy blood and my skinI grew on my own. My beauty is mine,my conscience isContinue reading “Trees”

French Music

Impossible is dangerous,And a challenge to the soul.Your brain nods to your mind, which willBreak it to your heartThat she must tell your soulThat it simply cannot be.It shouldn’t have been let down there,And now she won’t let go.You give an inch, she takes a mile,And should you retrieve it,She’ll dissolve. And the soul knowsContinue reading “French Music”